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About Us

Rendezvous With Mr Green Hearts

Mr Green Hearts makes buying your favorite art convenient, simple, and fun.

I strive to put my heart into curating customized gifts that hold matchless intrinsic value and last a lifetime. If you wish to turn any of my artwork into a perfect gift, choose any of my hearts or child dream portraits. I work one on one with my customers via live virtual meetings or whatever communication type suits you so that you can witness these hearts come to life.

My passion for designing and creating artwork from the heart makes it an incredible gift that your friends, family, and loved ones will cherish forever–be it a gift you buy to pamper yourself and show some self-love or make your friends and loved ones happy on weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduation, holidays, or any other special occasions and events.

Mr Green hearts welcomes opportunities to earn your trust by sharing a virtual viewing room with you which has all my original art. If you're looking to get a custom piece created or want to gift this wonderful experience we have arrangements for that too. I also have many heart prints that can be personalized or create a beautiful mini gallery wall.

A man in a hat and glasses with hearts on his face.

Besides specializing in heart art I paint children’s dream portraits, I love to paint their hearts true desire in dream portrait form to become the perfect accessory to hang in a child’s room while inspiring a magical dream.

I work in bold colors while curating subtle pieces; as Mr Green Hearts, my signature exuberant style and flair for artistic colors make the pieces invigorating and fun. Sometimes personalized and always inspired by people’s hearts, making them timeless and best for those who truly appreciate the intrinsic value of my art. You can also get in touch with me to discuss your vision further at 323-839-9571 so that the end result of my art can tug at your heartstrings!

How Can We Help You?

As a dedicated commissioned artist, we are dedicated to solving all your giftingneeds by providing perfect gifts that your friends and family can cherish forever. Reach out to us to make their day special, no matter what the occasion.

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